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The Daily Battle

Love is a choice. It's not all about romance, although romance does have its perks. The same applies for me in regards to my "feelings" and relationship with the country of Egypt. I love this country. But I have found that on days when the exotic realm of ancient history doesn't do it for me, when the simplicity that I usually adore wears me down, when the habitual disrespect by the locals slaps me in the face AGAIN... I pull out the love. It may not flow naturally, but there has not been one moment of regret since my move here. The last four months that I have called this place home, one of the harshest realities was having to be faced the revelation of my sin... how selfish I have lived, how easily angered I become, and how loving people is always for the benefit of others. I have to keep my purpose for being here in the forefront of my mind. Thinking with an eternal perspective is what drives me on the days that I find myself wanting to scream. Pushy, aggressiv…