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Time spent...Time wasted?

This may surprise you, but summer in Egypt is not much different than anywhere else in the world. School is off, traffic is less predictable, and it is HOT, really hot. Okay, so our traffic and heat scales are more intense, but summer is still summer.

This summer, rather than head off to visit my family in the states, some of them came to me. ☺ After an incredible 3 weeks of intense travel and touring, I kissed them goodbye, and CRASHED. Exhausted on so many levels, my body, mind, and spirit were screaming for rest. And I knew I owed that to myself.

In reality, I don’t generally prefer long periods of time without official work. I get bored, longing for a “purpose” for my days, which I am sure is tied to some realm of insecurity of “needing to be needed.” HA! But that’s for another blog. Truthfully, not having a 40 hr week job lined up for this summer terrified me! So even before school was out, I went to work scheduling some random trips to the Red Sea, and agreed to some teach…