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What do I know of Holy? 

I know that I don't know, nor should I expect to. 

If we caught even a glimpse of the spiritual battle going on all around us, would it matter? It might. But that is another example of believing things are significantly more involved, dangerous, and premeditated than we could ever even begin to understand. 

What makes me think that I should be allowed to comprehend Satan, God, their relationship...the dark power at work in destroying me, the sovereign Heavenly power at work in protecting me, and the evil that He doesn't allow at times or even let me see going on around me? It's dangerous. It's a secret. Let Him win it...and just trust Him. 
I am starting to see that emotions may be the result of my spirit grasping bits of the aftermath of a fresh war...a battle recently in motion for my attention, my life's course, my mind. Just because emotions get set on fire does not mean something is wrong. Feelings may simply be an indication that attack i…