Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What do I know of Holy? 

I know that I don't know, nor should I expect to. 

If we caught even a glimpse of the spiritual battle going on all around us, would it matter? It might. But that is another example of believing things are significantly more involved, dangerous, and premeditated than we could ever even begin to understand. 

What makes me think that I should be allowed to comprehend Satan, God, their relationship...the dark power at work in destroying me, the sovereign Heavenly power at work in protecting me, and the evil that He doesn't allow at times or even let me see going on around me? It's dangerous. It's a secret. Let Him win it...and just trust Him. 

I am starting to see that emotions may be the result of my spirit grasping bits of the aftermath of a fresh war...a battle recently in motion for my attention, my life's course, my mind. Just because emotions get set on fire does not mean something is wrong. Feelings may simply be an indication that attack is near, either in the past or future. It seems that sometimes He allows us to sense an attack, but sometimes not. I wonder how many we are saved from, and never know of? 

There are times that drastic life changes are part of it all. Just because God removes us from the course we thought we should be set on does not indicate a mistake, but maybe a rescue. When try to control, but he declines, it is a reminder of His Holiness in action.  He is saying no for a reason...actually a "yes" to a blessing...but why is it that we rarely see it that way?

 We can fight Him, we do all time. But I am certain that if we were to witness even a sliver of true evil in action in the spiritual realm, and what the Enemy looks like as he prowls around like a lion seeking to devour, we would think twice.  

Would we still fight God at work? 

I am not saying those secrets of spiritual warfare should be visible to us. I would guess quite confidently that humans were designed differently from angels in glory and fallen angels because we can't handle the reality of the spiritual world at work, and what is truly happening. We are only allowed to witness a small degree of it. 

It seems we are being protected from what we were not designed to process in our flesh. Although it's real, it's also inappropriate for us. When I take the time to think of it this way, I stop questioning so much. 

I (like you) am a key character in these wars, a prey to vicious predators, and schemes are being made to destroy me. They linger, they wait, they attack...I think it's best I allow Him to take over calling the shots, summoning His angels to fight fire for me. It's probably best I never see it in action, at least while it's still happening. Maybe in Heaven, we will hear more of the invisible fights for our freedom that took place during our time on earth.  I forget about the unseen, the war, the evil, the Light. 
Surrender is the wisest option.

But often I don't remember this....and have to be reminded.

He wants us to surrender and tell him of our honesty...our anger...our mistrust. He expects it. He knows we don't know Holy, understand its course, its tactic, or even its place in a sinful world. What I am learning is that He even wants our dreams. I always said I understood this...I can assure you now, I didn't.  

His desire and will is for us is to allow Him to put the shattered pieces back together in the correct form that He wants the freedom to design. Sometimes He breaks the vision we long for, so He can show us a better way...knowing we will fight Him....but still demonstrating patience and providing us with the proper amounts of peace and strength in certain and chosen moments. 

He knows. We Don't. That should pretty much sum it up.

Ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

I read this quote this morning Faith does not say "I see this is good for me, therefore, God must have sent it." Instead,  faith declares, "God sent it, therefore it must be good for me."