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Egypt or America...Which is Safer?

"Aren't you so relieved to be back in America, and out of that crazy, dangerous Egypt?" For the record. NO.
I have heard that question repeatedly over the last 9 months, especially the past week with the Middle East breaking into severe chaos, yet again.
If there is one misconception I would like to clear up about my personal opinion in regard to Egypt's safety, it's this:  Egypt is a lot safer than America.
Remember...what many see is foreign media. What is heard is an often confused and misled interpretation. What is read, is someone quoting someone who is at times wrong. And what the news programs so confidently allude to as fact, is often a load of bologna. There's actually a lot they don't understand. 
It was during the Egyptian Revolution that I began to really see the nasty effects of the media, as I was living out reality in Egypt, but hearing fairy tales through the media. Things just weren't lining up. 
I don't normally feel educated about …
"After the Last Tear Falls" by Andrew Peterson, rocked it today.

After the last tear falls 
 After the last secrets told 
 After the last bullet tears through flesh and bone 
After the last child starves 
And the last girl walks the boulevard 
 After the last year that's just too hard 

 There is love 
Love, love, love 
There is love 
  After the last disgrace 
 After the last lie to save some face 
 After the last brutal jab from a poison tongue 
 After the last dirty politician 
 After the last meal down at the mission 
 After the last lonely night in prison 

 There is love 
  And in the end, the end is 
Oceans and oceans 
 Of love and love again 
 We'll see how the tears that have fallen 
 were caught in the palms 
of the Giver of love and the Lover of all 
 And we'll look back on these tears as old tales 

' Cause after the last plan fails 
 After the last siren wails 
 After the last young husband sails off to join the war 
 After the last "this…

Never say never...

Never say never.
I will never go to college.
(King College in Bristol, TN 2002-2006)
I will never teach elementary school in the United States. (Charlotte, North Carolina, 2006-2009)
I will never teach at a private Christian school. (SouthLake Christian Academy 2006-2009)

I will never teach 2nd grade.(I actually said in my interview, "anything but 2nd")
I will never teach expats, I want local kids. 
 (CCS, my school in Egypt, served primarily expat kids)
I will never be in school administration. 
(assistant principal at CCS)
I will never understand people's preference to home school.
(I trained and advocated for moms to home school in Egypt, Fall 2011)
I will never move back to Washington state. 
(Dec 15, 2012)
I will never live with my parents again, cause I am an independent adult.
(Dec 2011-2012)
I will never prefer teaching adults over kids. 
(now I can't imagine not teaching adults)
I especially will not move back to the Middle East unmarried.
(umm...more on this later…