Sunday, January 27, 2013

Training Week

Last week, the dreaded goodbyes finally arrived. The week prior to my departure,  I struggled sleeping well, managing my time effectively, and relaxing. Feeling an intense sense of guilt for once again leaving my loved ones, I pushed aside any sort of emotion, and especially tried to avoid reflecting over the past year. I know the time will come when I will need to do that, but there is so much I am dealing with internally right now, I needed to be on guard emotionally. A new chapter ahead, I boarded my flight. 

I arrived at our International Headquarters for a 10 day training prior to my departure.

I was totally unaware of my ignorance of this place...but I couldn't be happier to be part of an organization like Samaritan's Purse. To put it simply, it all comes back to integrity. This organization has high standards of how they serve the needy both domestically and abroad, and how they live out their faith before others and God. They are very intentional and critical in their decision making process to see to it that they are good stewards of every penny, and making the most of the opportunities God places before them.

Arriving at International Headquarters last week, I quickly learned how huge this place is! 500 staff work here, and we have thousands more around the states and the world. Here are some pics from this week that will give you a glimpse of what this organization is about, and how serving people is at the heart of what they do. I had no idea all the buildings, cubicles, offices, managers, VPs, and support staff it took to run this place. And that isn't counting the thousand of volunteers. I am amazed, stunned, and feeling overwhelmed on many levels. Being selected to join this work is a dream. I can only pray I am used for His glory in how I live out my life through it. 

Here's a little behind the scenes glance...

My life in boxes once again,,,,

My station waiting for me when I arrived...

This is where we had our orientation training. Seven days of meetings and presentations.

 One of our trucks being loaded with supplies...
Operation Christmas Child

Where we process some of the shoe boxes

Medical supplies

A crate getting packed to be shipped across the Atlantic.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Down to my last days before my pre-field training and departure abroad.  As I finalize details and make the appropriate arrangements, I reflect on this past year. Coming back to the States from Egypt, I never would have anticipated the intensity of events waiting  for me. Although it has been my toughest year, it also had some sweet elements that assisted me throughout the chaos. Below are some pics that make me smile from 2012.
My nieces and nephews

Planning a Cairo reunion to the Grand Canyon with Beth
Watching my sister Mary being a mama
Skyping Egypt

Playing Auntie (Juliet)
Outrageous prices on produce in the America!

Seeing sweet Cairo through a screen

Roadtrip down south

The birth of my nephew Jimmy

Another language to add to the mix!

Portland's amazing lunch carts

Christmas Eve with some of my little ones

Christmas at home

Watching Jimmy grow

It was time to take the plunge and get one

oh i love this city

Watching my little bro grow into a man (pictured with our dad)

Time with my sisters (Mary, Christy, Lindy, Emily)

Taking out some frustration

Just like her auntie

Cairo reunion in LA with Carolyn and Fadia

Fishing with my brother

My parents

The Grand Canyon



Getting to witness this girl getting married was unlike anything


Crater Lake with our students
 Fun co-workers (Candy and I)
 Jeremy...a thinker who challenges me


Christy Robb came to WASHINGTON state

Smartboard in my classroom

Family vacations I get to once again be part of

Sophia's first birthday

My Korean students learning about Islam

International community

Uptown M Conference

Best buds out for a night of art and wine

Cairo reunion in Savannah, GA


My mama is a grandma

Powells Bookstore's EGYPT section

Train ride to Montana
Crabbing on the Oregon Coast with coworkers

Egyptian food cart

My family