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My First Ramadan

After a full day of teaching and then navigating the streets of Cairo on foot, the moment I walk in the door, all I crave is SILENCE . However, tonight my attention was drawn outside my kitchen window to the laughter echoing through the closed alley below.
Each kitchen window in this building opens into a dark, closed area forming a tall square. Unfortunately, it has become more of a garbage dump down there, and no one will claim the responsibility of clearing it all out. But tonight I wasn't frowning at the trash, I was intensely engaged at the jolly interaction of my fellow neighbor ears opened wide, I just listened. As I leaned out the window, I could see and smell food being prepared as they awaited the hour to break their Ramadan fasts. As minutes ticked away they quickly put the finishing touches on their lavish meals. Their families waited with growling bellies. Their laughter was full of life while they chatted across the alley through their kitchen windows, eac…