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It Hurts

Almost here is my one year anniversary of living in Cairo. When I look back upon the past 12 months, my stomach immediately goes into flip flop mode, which is how my body reacts to emotional stress. Am I stressed? No. But life in the Middle East occurred, which in summary is a compilation of random challenges, mental and emotional fires...yet also the sanctification and transformation of my mind which have pointed me to the cross over and over. This is causing me to thank Him that I have not been in this alone. To put it simply is stating that this year has been the toughest year of my life, but yet I would not trade it..could not give it up...and I still remain thankful in my call.

Looking back at my journal entries from last year as I was preparing to come to Egypt seems like another world...another life. That person has changed...and my life in the states seems so distant to me, but I do miss it. I miss so many things about my life prior to being here... but I know so much more …