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Thoughts for 2017

Reminders to myself for 2017 ....

Don't give yourself too much credit in your ability to think and reason. You're only human. 

Deal with your sin. Don't ignore the power it has over you. You can't get over it on your own, you need Him. 

When you think of yourself as "not that bad" it makes it easy to compromise. 
Spread joy. Stop spending so much energy defending your rights 

Winning isn't everything
People matter more than tasks
We can't control everything...but we can always control how we react
Life isn't fair
Lying to yourself only prevents you from personal growth
Criticism can often be a good thing, even when it hurts
Stop dwelling on what "God owes you", and keep living your life for all you owe Him
Stop making excuses, and admit when you are wrong
Choose your words carefully, especially when it is someone else's feelings or reputation at stake 
Give people the benefit of the doubt

Trust your gut, you…