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When there's nothing...

Many people I know are suffering.  And my struggles seem quite small, in comparison. Their pain is deep, their longings pure, but their faith stands firm, proving God's faithfulness in their examples to me. I wrote a poem, with them in mind. God is so good, in how He reminds us of His care, and brings about strength in the right moments, and through the right people.  As I think through the terrors some are facing, I see His glory, and thank Him for His presence with His children.

I dedicate this poem to some strong warriors who demonstrate spirit filled courage. 


A few words were spoken, and my world was broken. My heart was shattered like glass.
I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat Couldn't find tears to weep...
Hiding under a mask.
What do you say when you can't evenpray? When your faith takes flight soaring away? When the rock you're set upon, shifts feeling gone, and you're anything but okay?
Are we so determined to dodge suffering, that when the inevitable occurs, we find ourselves completely paralyzed? 
Rather than placing the majority of our energy into evading pain, we should be preparing ourselves to face it straight on, knowing ahead of time where to find Him in the midst of it. Because heartache will happen, but His glory will meet us there.  However, it is up to us whether or not we allow ourselves to be destroyed, completely overtaken by what hurts us. Pain is inevitable, but destruction isn't. 
Christ gets it. He suffered as we suffer. 
But I think sometimes we focus primarily on the divinity of Christ, not paying enough attention to the humanity He endured.  We think to ourselves, "But He is he doesn't truly experience the flesh the way I do." 
Even He asked for a way out, requesting an escape of His execution if the Father willed it.  (Lk 22:42) Yet, God denied his first request, placing the eternity of the lost as the priority...the story…