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Disney says "Follow your heart"...Oh dear

"I don't understand," I thought to myself while having a conversation with a humanitarian worker in Ethiopia, a couple of years ago. "But it's true, and oh so dangerous," he replied. hmmm. As he continued to speak, I felt my mind slowly taking in his words and accepting them...but I also recognized myself to be a bit frightened... that it was hitting a little too close to home. But as I know well, my personal squirming with discomfort  didn't change the fact that he was onto something.

 What determines how we make decisions? Obviously, several factors play a key role, so let me narrow it down a bit. What determines how Christians choose their lines of work? their ministries? maybe even if called abroad, their countries?

I always knew I wanted to spend my adulthood living abroad. Since I was a small girl, foreign cultures, languages, and people would grab my attention quicker than anything...and suddenly I would catch myself in a dream world of the far off…

Little Bodies

“Sure. I will do it.” I cheerfully agreed when asked to substitute teach the pre-school and Kindergarten classes together. Their teachers were expected to arrive soon and I had been sad about not teaching, even though it was a decision I had made. “It’s only five days,” I thought to myself. As the assistant principal, I knew I had to be ready to jump on any “project” assigned to me. I wasn’t the least bit intimidated. Plus, I had taught these ages before. “I’ve got this,” I thought. No worries. Ha. The next morning I headed into the courtyard to meet “my class.” Standing in the traditional location where kids line up, I called out that it was time to head inside. After a muffle of confusion, I looked up to find six little bodies standing in front of me. Four of them were Korean, one half-Polish/half-Egyptian and one half South African/half Egyptian. One of the Korean children understood English, the other three who’s heads barely reached the top of our giant orange traffic cones, …