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Disbelief from Festering Wounds

"Sin is trying to meet real needs in illegitimate ways."

It is amazing to me the deep peace one feels, when they know their life is not their own….and can lean on His sovereignty. For the first time ever, a few short weeks after my arrival in my new home, I found myself severely struggling with the concept of the sovereignty of God. I didn’t believe Him...but it took me a while to actually say those words. I was ashamed.
During that time of struggle that wouldn't seem to let up, I sent out a tough email asking for people to pray. I felt as though I was gasping for breath. I needed prayer, and couldn't be too proud to ask for it. And God's people prayed. 

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago, as I was sitting on my back porch overlooking our village, that I felt the voice of the Holy Spirit firmly, but gently asking me to believe Him. 
“You know Me…and you know I control everything. Stop fighting me on this. It's your own fault that this is tough.”  
I responded …