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A Difference in Value: Women, Sex, and God

It was a typical morning walk. As a way of blending in, I always wear my sunglasses to shield my light eyes from standing out, but this morning, they were no use. Two blocks from work, I was rounding the corner near a veggie stand, Chris Tomlin's newest album blaring on my pace was brisk, and I was excited about my day ahead. My thirty minute walk always gets me energized for work...thus I look forward to it almost every day. Lost in thought, I didn't notice a white, shiny taxi pull up right beside me, and it wasn't until his hand had a firm grip of my behind, that I realized what was happening. Horror struck my face, and he knew it. As I made eye contact with him I noticed he was smirking. My immediate reaction was to cause a scene, something I have been instructed to do when dealing with matters such as this. Without thinking about how illogical it would be, I started chasing him. His expression changed to shock as if he was surprised by the fact that I was …