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The End

Yikes. Well, here I am, back in my "homeland." But no, it doesn't feel natural. When I boarded my British Airways flight to Egypt two years ago, I intended on remaining there long term, setting up camp and fully engaging my new life in my "new country." It wasn't long into my time there that I realized God had other plans. As I prayed through what to do, I struggled. I didn't want to uproot, but also knew I couldn't stay...however I was unsure as to exactly why. What was going on? Why was this not my "forever place?" I was perplexed...anxious...but willing to be obedient. At the end of two intense, yet incredible years of living in Egypt, I boarded yet another plane. This time, I was heading home, with no intentions of my return, at least not a permanent one. The fear and anxiety during this flight was significantly more vibrant this time. Coming home with many questions unanswered, and nothing but a load of faith, I couldn't…

Leaving the Mediterranean

It’s here…closing off bits of my life in Egypt and looking forward. But oh my goodness it is rough.  Change hurts. 
This morning I boarded my train, leaving behind the Mediterranean city of Alexandria for the last time, bound for my home in Cairo. Alexandria is a  quaint city of six million people and is built along the Mediterranean Sea…a calming effect after the intensity of Cairo, a city of over twenty five million.  
This fall, life has remained pretty hectic as I have been traveling between my two jobs, one in Alexandria and the other in Cairo.  It's certainly true to say that the train quickly became my second home...I know it, the stations, and some of the workers well. It blows me away that even that after all this time, I still get butterflies at what I witness as I gaze through the train windows. Some people have described it as like riding through a National Geographic magazine set into live motion…and that’s completely accurate in its description.

Now I know that when mos…