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A lesson in GRACE

One year down.... But the challenge to figure out the mysteries of this place only intensifies the more I allow myself to dig and know this ancient world. Combining Islam with a country that was historically Christian, Arabic with Coptic, and various tribes with pure Egyptian blood make this country unusual, a puzzle that I truly believe is not meant to be solved.

I became frightened a few weeks ago, when I caught myself finally admitting aloud my struggle with anger. This is new for me within the last year...always known as "the cheerful one", I was caught off guard when it became evident this was no longer the case. It began with small outbursts related to the physical and sexual harassment that females face each day they walk the streets of Cairo. Once I became comfortable enough to confront strangers directly rather than ignore them, I noticed my temper shortening upon each negative encounter with a man. This turned the expression on my face into a permanent frown from …