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In sane...America that is, not Egypt this time

It's been quite the mental firecracker show since my arrival home in December, and the idea of collecting my thoughts to write has been, well, umm....not intriguing. At least not for me. I have actually tried to take a break from thinking all together. But, that hasn't really worked. Aside from the internal struggles of processing the move back, it has been "interesting" to try and readjust to America...and all its "efficiencies." American culture is   crazier than the Egyptian life I lived amongst for two years. Not that I am slamming my home country or Egypt, but we are psycho here in the land of the "free", not that Egypt didn't have it's own craaaazy, it did. But I have one question for us Americans, "Can't we just stop?" Apparently not.
If we aren't:
Obsessing over our figures, aging process, or health... 

Then we are: 
Running our children around to their overload of social activities... Ordering and training ourselves …