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Attitude Check

My stomach was in knots when the sun first hit my window, waking me long before my alarm was set to go off. It was a day I had dreaded, but knew had to was visa day. The problem with getting a visa in Egypt isn't the application process itself, it's all the logistics of getting the right papers, stamps, copies, etc into the right hands, in the right order, while fighting crowds, intense aromas, and confused foreigners, all waiting on one single computer to process everyone's paperwork. This massive building is rows of windows, cranky workers and piles of folders held together by shoelaces "separating files" of different papers. It's enough to make you wonder how anything gets done "officially" in this country. There is simply no order.
I was nervous this morning in particular because it was going to be the first time I attempted this mad process alone. Leave it to me to make a complete fool of myself tripping down stairs, dropping coins in…

Temper Tantrums and Balconies

It's hot. I arrived back in Cairo to a new flat with non working AC, internet, or washing machine. Trying to adjust to a new part of the city is challenging enough, without adding the heat factor into the equation, but I was reminded of how "new" the luxury all three of those services are, I had to stop and remind myself that I would be fine...and surviving I am. :)
It didn't take long for Cairo to remind me why its spunk keeps my constant attention. I had ordered some pictures to be framed by a young carpenter in the market area not far from my new place. It was the cheaper option and I wanted to see if I could accomplish this big task on my own. It ended up being a bigger battle than I had anticipated. I had chosen 12 of my best shots traveling Peru, Egypt, Kenya and Ethiopia and together we picked out the right shades of wood for each photo. I was beyond thrilled to see my pictures on display. He originally told me the project would take 3 days, but I knew better…