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How do you love people and circumstances, but not allow your identity to be wrapped up within them? How do you hold things lightly…knowing everything/everyone in this life is temporary?
Nothing is eternal except that which can meet our every need. Him. 
Everything else will pass away…and the pain/shock can be lessened by the simple choice to hold it out in front of us, knowing it isn’t ours from the moment it reaches our possession. But how do we avoid our obsession with control and comfort? How do we breathe knowing anything can be ripped from our grasp at any moment? How do we invest relationally? How do we let ourselves feel and love? 
Why are we constantly striving to control all that is happening around us? We are not able to and by trying to, it only creates a sense of anxiety. We are not supposed to count on anything…nothing is dependable. Things in this world (including people), were not designed to be the fixers of all that is wrong and painful. The joy is natural, but the depend…