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Daily Thoughts

So I decided the best way for you to experience a little of my life in Cairo these past 10 months, is to see a compilation of some of my facebook statuses. It is the best evidence I can display of the sincerity of my thoughts as I have transitioned into life in the Middle East. As you will see, this place is crazy, but amongst all the chaos, I do love it.
Enjoy :)

My ONLY chance for it to feel like fall in Cairo...if STARBUCKS down the street serves pumpkin spice lattes....for some reason, i am not counting on it, but they might surprise me.

You mean America doesn't have plastic manikin babies hanging by their heads in store windows? officially creeped out...i will get a picture on the way to work tomorrow to prove it.

The taxi driver told me it was not polite in Egyptian culture for a woman to ever tell a man he is crazy. I looked at him again and said..."but you are craaaaazy"...followed with, "and it's NEVER okay for taxi drivers to steal people's money.&quo…