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What does it mean to forgive?
Throughout my life, I have come to different conclusions about what this process entails, yet one factor remains…it isn’t easy.
Some pain is physically destructive, yet other pain is capable of destroying us at the core of who we are on the inside…that is, if we let it.

In my current line of work, I am seeing for the first time hatred in the form of war. The little bodies of children being blown to pieces is not an uncommon sight in our trauma hospital. As I walk through the wards, I see humanity at its worst: amputees hooked to machines, babies bandaged from head to toe struggling to breathe, dead bodies hidden under white sheets before being placed out in the cold, while the killers linger near by, looking for who else they can conquer.
And yet emotional pain caused by others can be deeply personal. It can rock our world so that we question everything. Nothing makes sense, so we find ourselves seeking justice for wrongs done against us.  I know that in my …