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Without Expectation

BEFORE I start...go back and look at the first picture..the word in Arabic written behind that woman says "beautiful"...isn't that amazing?
In a few weeks, I will be heading home to see my family for a brief, but crucially needed time. It will have been almost 8 months since I bid them farewell last November. From the moment my funds were finalized, until I stepped on the plane was just a few days, and the shock was still fresh during my final goodbyes. Drastic life changes I didn't expect and couldn't prepare for directly around the corner.
The car was loaded down with my 7 boxes and mom and I were on our way to the airport when she said to me, "You are going to change...there is no way you will come back the same Christy that is leaving today." I couldn't tell at that moment if she was happy about the thought of me changing, or if it made her sad. I couldn't read her.
As I boarded the plane, my mind was racing and so consumed with fears of t…

The Sting of Death

Shock. Drama. Agony. Joy. Butterflies. Solitude. Sadness. Hope. Death. These are just a few of the words that describe my life the past 11 months beginning with the loss of my job last May and then my sudden move to the Middle East. My world was transforming because my Father was at work...writing my story by ending a chapter and beginning the next. I wish I could paint the emotional rainbow I have encountered...
In the past 6 months during my time in Egypt, one theme has been consistently in the present, something I had never really faced, been forced to process, or to put it simply...ever had to relate to. DEATH.
January 21st was the day I lost one of the most important people in my life. That was the day my dear Aimee got to finally see the face of Jesus. Shortly after Aimee's death, it seemed I couldn't escape the news of people dying. These were not people close to me, but they have families left in pure devastation. Losing Aimee introduced me to a new world of agony, an…