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Morning glory where are you? I seek that I may find,  a patient leading hand, and gentle peace of mind.  My fears of Your silence, and my prayers for Your will challenge my faith to deepen, remaining firmly still
Morning glory I can't find You.  Your face from me You hide I struggle to feel Your presence,  not trusting Thee by my side

 You ordained confusion to linger,  calling faith to set the stage Ignoring the start of anger? beginning yet another page
Morning glory are You able?  I fear that I might drown. Without your arms around me I fall to the ground. 
Morning glory I strive to know You But see that I was wrong In my perception of Your beauty that to You it all belongs
Morning glory it was hidden,  Your voice which once was sought The purpose of Your plan, was nothing more than my own thought
Morning glory I don't know You, my heart and mind divided But trust Thy ways in spite of pain with fear collided

Now daily I fear Thy will you stripped me bare to bone Nothing do I long for Nothing do I own
Not …

Scattered thoughts of fear and faith on a sunny Saturday morning...

God demonstrates His goodness to us through the exercising of His it's complete attire.  His will is not always fun, peaceful, exciting, carefree, or desirable. But who am I to argue? I saw an interesting quote yesterday: 

"I believe that there is a tapestry being woven and I only see the back side of it right now. "  Nell Johnson
HA! Yes. I relate completely. 
With the negativity I have felt running through my veins the last six months, I am challenged daily with how to respond to the emotional and human side of pain and misfortune. Like I have stated repeatedly in many blogs recently, I am sensing a strong call from God right now to wait on His direction, before jumping into whatever is next. And many of you know how absurd that feels to me, since "doing" has always been where I felt most satisfied in who I was. He is using this time to strip me bare, and show me a better way...resting...waiting. The condition of my heart, is of more significance to Hi…