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Spiritual Spankings

It's simple for the mind to get muffled in Cairo, making the best time to clear my head during my daily walks to and from work. My i-pod going, I can lose myself in my thoughts. Even without music, the view around me easily holds my attention, the streets are full time entertainment. I still get tickled at seeing (and smelling) the hot bread being placed out for purchase across the street from my flat each morning. As I round the corner to work, I always manage to pass a corner vendor unloading their fresh produce on the curb as they prepare the for rush of customers. The morning walk is quiet, tranquil, calming... isn't at it's full functioning capacity until after 10am. My walk home however, is much more eventful, and I never seem to escape opportunities to take in all the hustle around me. The streets are packed with people and animals (mostly cats and donkeys) and I have to really be on guard so as to not get run over. :) Children driving donkey carts through the …