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A lesson in GRACE

One year down.... But the challenge to figure out the mysteries of this place only intensifies the more I allow myself to dig and know this ancient world. Combining Islam with a country that was historically Christian, Arabic with Coptic, and various tribes with pure Egyptian blood make this country unusual, a puzzle that I truly believe is not meant to be solved.

I became frightened a few weeks ago, when I caught myself finally admitting aloud my struggle with anger. This is new for me within the last year...always known as "the cheerful one", I was caught off guard when it became evident this was no longer the case. It began with small outbursts related to the physical and sexual harassment that females face each day they walk the streets of Cairo. Once I became comfortable enough to confront strangers directly rather than ignore them, I noticed my temper shortening upon each negative encounter with a man. This turned the expression on my face into a permanent frown from …

A Christmas Poem

I found this poem I wrote when I was in 8th grade about the first Christmas. Enjoy!

Shh! Quiet! The barn noises keep him awake,
He smiles gently knowing he is safe.

His mother covers Him to keep Him warm from cold
Laying him in straw that is obviously quite old

The shepherds outside that night run and scurry around
For they know they are near and can feel the holy ground

He wasn’t born in a palace, or placed in sheets of silk
But put in a feeding trough, and warmed by his mothers milk

They know He is special in mysterious sort of way
But trying to explain this, no words can portray

Shining bright above Him, a sparkling vibrant star
One that can be seen by all… even those afar

They load all their belongings in search of a great King
But will they find him where they think to look in palaces of gold things?

The thin cloth around him and the straw in which he lay
Is enough to keep him warm on that first Christmas day

The animals moan noisily for they know too
That the baby lying before them is the Lord …


Yes...Egypt is a difficult place to live, but that doesn't mean there aren't perks as well. What about this place makes me grin...? name it (ironing, groceries, dinner...)
Cheap...this country is very inexpensive
Taxis...i don't have to drive!
My 1 hour walking's great exercise and a peaceful time with just me and my music
Respect for God...even if there are differences in beliefs, He is respected
Fresh hot bread on the street
Snack stands everywhere!
Ironing man right in my building
Cheap fresh fruits and veggies
Starbucks is walking distance
Nile River
Donkey carts, because they remind me of how simple life can be
Movie theaters where you pick your seat at ticket purchase
Walking! walking! walking!
Easy access to many cool countries near by
The Red Sea
Mt. Sinai
Bartering for goods is fun
Lots of foreigners, which produces a diverse social community for me
Arabic is a very cool language once it starts making sense you can order …

It Hurts

Almost here is my one year anniversary of living in Cairo. When I look back upon the past 12 months, my stomach immediately goes into flip flop mode, which is how my body reacts to emotional stress. Am I stressed? No. But life in the Middle East occurred, which in summary is a compilation of random challenges, mental and emotional fires...yet also the sanctification and transformation of my mind which have pointed me to the cross over and over. This is causing me to thank Him that I have not been in this alone. To put it simply is stating that this year has been the toughest year of my life, but yet I would not trade it..could not give it up...and I still remain thankful in my call.

Looking back at my journal entries from last year as I was preparing to come to Egypt seems like another world...another life. That person has changed...and my life in the states seems so distant to me, but I do miss it. I miss so many things about my life prior to being here... but I know so much more …

Daily Thoughts

So I decided the best way for you to experience a little of my life in Cairo these past 10 months, is to see a compilation of some of my facebook statuses. It is the best evidence I can display of the sincerity of my thoughts as I have transitioned into life in the Middle East. As you will see, this place is crazy, but amongst all the chaos, I do love it.
Enjoy :)

My ONLY chance for it to feel like fall in Cairo...if STARBUCKS down the street serves pumpkin spice lattes....for some reason, i am not counting on it, but they might surprise me.

You mean America doesn't have plastic manikin babies hanging by their heads in store windows? officially creeped out...i will get a picture on the way to work tomorrow to prove it.

The taxi driver told me it was not polite in Egyptian culture for a woman to ever tell a man he is crazy. I looked at him again and said..."but you are craaaaazy"...followed with, "and it's NEVER okay for taxi drivers to steal people's money.&quo…