Yes...Egypt is a difficult place to live, but that doesn't mean there aren't perks as well. What about this place makes me grin...?

Delivery....anything...you name it (ironing, groceries, dinner...)

Cheap...this country is very inexpensive

Taxis...i don't have to drive!

My 1 hour walking commute...it's great exercise and a peaceful time with just me and my music

Respect for God...even if there are differences in beliefs, He is respected

Fresh hot bread on the street

Snack stands everywhere!

Ironing man right in my building

Cheap fresh fruits and veggies

Starbucks is walking distance

Nile River

Donkey carts, because they remind me of how simple life can be

Movie theaters where you pick your seat at ticket purchase

Walking! walking! walking!

Easy access to many cool countries near by

The Red Sea

Mt. Sinai

Bartering for goods is fun

Lots of foreigners, which produces a diverse social community for me

Arabic is a very cool language once it starts making sense

Otlob.com...where you can order any food to your door from anywhere to be delivered!


Mediterranean Sea

Egyptians don't get overly stressed about the little things

Mummies! :)

and the last one for now...
the best people watching EVER :)


  1. This is great. Glad you are enjoying yourself.

  2. Donkey carts
    2 strawberry seasons
    Watermelon in March
    Bickya man
    Hot sweet tea
    Intricate architecture
    Appreciation for the 'simple' things - running water and electricity :)


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