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Many people I know are suffering.  And my struggles seem quite small, in comparison. Their pain is deep, their longings pure, but their faith stands firm, proving God's faithfulness in their examples to me. I wrote a piece, with them in mind. God is so good, in how He reminds us of His care, and brings about strength in the right moments, and through the right people.  As I think through the terrors some are facing, I see His glory, and thank Him for His presence with His children.

I dedicate this poem to some strong warriors who demonstrate spirit filled courage. 


A few words were spoken, and my world was broken. My heart was shattered like glass.
I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat Couldn't find tears to weep...
Hiding under a mask.
What do you say when you can't evenpray?
When your faith takes flight and soars away? When the rock you're set upon, shifts, feeling gone
and you're anything but okay?

Dear Christy...

Dear Christy,
Be careful, you know you need to be. It’s happening, and only you canstop it. Life is getting away from you, so it is critical that you taketime to stop and ponder.  Reflect.  But you know that once you start thinking, it can be hard to stop. Maintain a life where constant reflection is allowed. Where you aren’t too hard on yourself, and youlet pain in. It hurts to process, to let yourself truly admit your own failures, struggles, sin patterns. What can hurt even more is lettingother people in your life speak to you of those things. But why? No one isperfect. All of us have faults that are evident to those around us. Even whenpeople don’t address them with us, it doesn’t mean they don’t seethem…or worse, aren't affected by them. They are.
Let loved ones in …to speak truth. You need it to grow. You need help in order to stop those excuses you are always making to yourself. Trust them to do it inlove. Trust they want what is best for you. Believe good will comefrom it. It w…