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Now I'm the Tourist

I used to poke fun at tourists, and then I became one.

During my time living in Cairo, you couldn't help but spot and then run from the masses of tour groups swarming the streets and monuments of our cool, ancient country. Yes, I said our. I lived there. It was my home.

Squinty eyes unable to handle the blazing Egyptian sun, tan lines, fish belly white skin, often horrific accents, and awful cultural no-nos coming out of the you know what, all while asking for people to take their pics, wearing backpacks, cargo shorts, and "comfy walking shoes".

They lined our streets, while holding maps, cameras, and most importantly hand sanitizer. Often they could be heard "making friends" with locals (who were laughing AT them), and in constant awe of everything "old and pretty" in our city. Oh and smiling. The biggest give away, was their enormous grins and constant "oohing and awing", making them prime targets for anyone with a scam.  They are too trustin…