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A Lesson This Village is Teaching Me

It finally happened…again. Middle Eastern culture driving me to the point of irritation so extreme I find myself angry at their "inability to do life right." UGH. Yes, even typing those words is embarrassing. My sin is clearly evident. 
It's moments such as: when the power goes on and off (why can't they get it together), when scheduled meetings never occur, when men overpower you because they can, when you watch local women succumb to man's every demand, when violence is defended, and innocence is stolen, when lies are culturally acceptable, and critical thinking doesn't exist, when dangerous driving is tolerable, and neighbors are caught snooping…it's all these things that can drive a western mind to complete madness. Yet here I sit, compound walls surrounding me, the lurking eyes of the village people watching our every move...judging us in return. I find myself in constant need to check my attitude, evaluate my compassion, and pray for a power due to m…