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Frustrated. Why does it seem that the older I get, the more this becomes a daily block of emotion? I never experienced "being annoyed" as much as I do these days. Previously, I would have faulted Egypt for this constant state of irritation at anyone and everything surrounding me. I even tried to get myself to accept this as part of the role of a westerner living in the Middle East, thinking it would make it easier. But "DING", a new light bulb has turned on, and suddenly, a fresh piece of insight is in need of being chewed on...and eventually swallowed. Ugh. why does it seem that my year and half living abroad has been one awkward personal lesson after another? Thus a new truth is ready to be unveiled...yet in honesty I am just not sure my pride is in the mood to process through it. But here goes.

"It's not about you." So many days I have come home from work frustrated that once again I had to look a student in the face and say this very bold phras…