Saturday, June 21, 2014

We think we know. We don’t.
We plead. We cry. We ask Him for mercy.
We wait.  Does He hear us?

Daily He calls us to a higher place. Rarely, we seek His glory first.
Can we?

Give up the fight, He only wants to show us life.

Nothing can touch you the way His glory does. Nothing can knock you further into peace, than obedience. Nothing is as mysterious and unraveling as the inner thoughts and ways of our God. Sometimes it is terrifying. Little can be understood. But why should it?

To walk in the glory of a sovereign plan, surrendered and relentless…

Give up the fight…He only wants to show you life.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Something to ponder...

People in my line of work are constantly learning how to smile and politely tune out the opinions of others. It is not that we are trying to be rude, but it is simply a decision between us and God. We realize people mean well, they do. But it's not like we haven’t heard it before. We know what we are giving up to live in tough places like this.  And we would be lying if we said we weren’t phased by others' disapproval…we are. But that's not the big battle. I have been wrestling with something recently and I wanted to share it.

Coming to this part of the world, danger is a common topic of conversation. We aren’t idiots, we know the world we live in. But sometimes stepping out in obedience means putting your life at risk.  Honestly, that isn’t always the difficult part. We are well aware that “death” is always a possibility. We know what Scripture says about this and what has happened to so many before us. But…

what if the death you must die is not the physical death, but the death of a dream

What then? 

What if God doesn't call you to give up your life like some hero that will always be remembered and praised…but to bury the vision you had for the way you thought your life was destined to turn out? What if the death you are being called to is letting you live…but without what you truly wanted? 

I look around at so many people working through issues that are out of their control. One example I am seeing a lot these days is with couples struggling to conceive. Their deep desire to parent and raise godly children is Biblical right? So why is God keeping them from this? What are they supposed to do with their unfulfilled desire? 

Or singles with the desire to marry, longing for a family of their own? Or parents who dream of the day their children leave home to pursue godly lives on their own, only to later discover they don’t share that faith? Or watching a marriage crumble before your eyes. Maybe it is your marriage or the ever stable, rock solid marriage of your own parents? What about fathers and mothers who lose their children to accidents, disease, or custody battles? 

 We all desire health and happiness for our loved ones...often even more than for ourselves…but what if that dream isn’t part of the plan? 

It’s pretty typical to hear people talk about their willingness to “boldly die” for their faith.  But what about living joyfully while saying goodbye to a dream that you so passionately hold onto? Can you still praise Him as you say goodbye and surrender?

"If anyone desires to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me." Luke 9:23

 What if the cross isn’t a physical death, but a joyful surrender of our dreams? 

Personally pondering this very question...