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Friendship, Vortexes, and Drunk People...

Just returning from a trip, I reflect. I met some interesting people, experienced new things, and watched God protect Beth and I from what could be some tough situations.

I had no idea that Europeans backpacked throughout the States. I guess it didn't occur to me that they would find our country worth their time... I was oh so wrong. After meeting people from all over Europe and hearing about their travels, I am more interested in seeing some of these places they speak so highly of in the USA.  There's  only 6 more states for me to visit to meet all 50 (New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Vermont, and Michigan). I'll get there someday.
My friend Beth is a British pal of mine, who I met during my time in Cairo. She was going to be in Arizona for a bit, so it only made sense for us to meet up, and explore. I have really missed her, so 4 days together was quite the treat. Meeting up in Phoenix and picking up our rental, is where I would have expected the craziness to…

Once Upon A Time...

For I am sometimes ashamed of the gospel of Christ...

There is no logic when discussing the foundations of Christianity with those on the "outside." When it came down to opening up about my religious beliefs to other "religious people", I seemed to have no problem...Muslims, Mormons, Catholics (well, with Catholics there tends to be some tensions), Hindus, Buddhists, worries. They have their own stuff they claim...they deal with harassment as well...they get it.  But it was when I found myself discussing my beliefs with the non-religious sect that I would begin to panic.

Because when you really stop and think about what the Bible teaches... it sounds silly.  

This is pretty much what some people take away from the beliefs of Christianity:

Once upon a time, there was a "forever spirit" who existed. Let's call it a "he". He decided it was time to create. He spoke, and suddenly millions of planets and far away galaxies popped into e…

More of my story...

What defines us?
The last few months, as I have been walking a very strange, yet weary road. I have found myself lost on a rabbit trail of self reflection. I don’t necessarily think it has been a good thing. Actually, I would say with confidence that it’s not. Normally I would indicate self-reflection as a positive part of the life of believers…quite a vital responsibility and necessary task. But, in my own journey recently, it has consumed me, even holding me back from confidence to make any major decision at all. Basically, it seems I don't believe that even God is capable of working through my own sin and selfishness.  

I fear that any road I choose will only be tainted with self.  Why? Because I see it all around me, I witness it within my life’s patterns, and I am watching its effects in Christian ministries of all capacities. In my judgmental spirit, I get uneasy at the thought of “being like that.” This isn't kind, merciful, or appropriate...but I can assure you that it&…
Tough Day. I was unsure what to even say to my God. When I opened my mouth, I found myself at a loss...with only these words to speak:
"I'm confused. I'm fearful. I'm unsure. I'm angry. I'm lost. 
I'm weary. I'm timid. I'm terrified. I'm discontent. 
I'm tempted. I'm "innocent". I'm "right".
I'm curious. I'm tired. I'm struggling. I won't. I will. 
I'm proud. I'm sad. I'm irritable. I'm unsure.
I'm incapable. I'm uncomfortable.  I'm trying. 
I'm Your's..."
He answered me with this...

God gives. God takes away. He ordains. He changes. 
He confirms. He allows. He strengthens. He upholds. 
He speaks. He leads. He agrees. He declines. 
He answers. He blesses. He shushes. He restores. He builds. He purifies. He closes. He opens. He cleanses. He plans. 
He listens. He watches. He directs. He carries. He provides.
He knows...

 The following by John Piper "You see, their…