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Just a Smile

A smile can go a long way in this shaded culture. Without even thinking, I often find my lips pressed tightly together beneath my scowled brow as I walk through this city. It's not that I am angry, I guess I am just trying not to look approachable. But when I leave this horrible look at home, and just walk, other opportunities arise that remind me why I love this place, despite the sexual harassment I encounter every 4 seconds.
My moments with local children outside the walls of my classroom are few and far between, and I have found that my heart automatically speeds up with any eye contact with a child. God is using their big, almond shaped brown eyes to draw me in, and soften my heart for these people. Yes Christy, they too are people, with stresses in their own lives, hurts, pains, and passions. They too need a smile to lighten their load. Every soft encounter I have with a child here breaks one more of the barriers I have arrogantly placed between me and the locals who shar…

Today I'm stuck

So much goin on in this little head of mine right now. Dad asked me when I was going to blog again, and I suddenly found myself stuck. There is so much I want to say, but because of certain things, I can't in a blog. But please know I need to be lifted up to our Father now more than ever. Normal has become the lack of consistency and routine, which at this point in my life, I am enjoying. Please know that is a huge change for me. So much of me is transforming...God is taking over...whew. I have not been bored in the almost 6 months that I have lived here...too much that visually stimulates, mentally strains, emotionally breaks, and spiritually challenges. I never know what i am going to face, and I have found that controlling my emotions and staying even is a more difficult challenge now, than it ever has been. I still wake up each morning and is where I have been called to live life again today. How long? I do not know, I only know this is where I am today. …