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A reminder for westerners leaving Egypt and returning to their homelands...

Choosing to begin one's life in a foreign place such as Egypt, creates a variety of arrival scenarios. Many would say it is similar to jumping out of a plane..."Ready? GO!..but don't crash!" We all crash at some point...but our landings all tell their own stories.

We of course have those individuals who arrive smiling. Their "landing" was picturesque and they begin giddy at all Egypt has to offer. Somewhere around two weeks into it, the exotic flavor of their new home wears off, and suddenly their lives are flashing before their eyes while almost getting trampled by a child driving a donkey cart. Reality smacks them in the face, but it doesn't take long for them to get over the hump of "OUCH" and simply adjust to the fact that they aren't going home...this IS home. They may find themselves a complete grouch while sifting through how their paradise is now, well, not so much the case. These are the funniest people to watch process...their l…

On a Lighter Note...

Curious what are some of the everyday differences about living in Egypt vs life in the States? Below are some real life examples :)

Noise Laws: We don't have them. If your neighbor wants to begin a construction project at 11pm, he may. If you called the police to complain, you'd just get laughed at.

Yes we have Starbucks.

Flats are individually owned, not like a "managed complex" like in the States

Yes we have Pizza Hut.

Getting fountain drinks vs a can is a huge treat!

My gas bill to run my stove and heat my water costs me about $1 every month.

Yes we have Popeyes.

Our movie theater allows me to pick my seat at ticket purchase and we have an intermission. People may also have conversation via cell phones during the movie if they want.

Yes we have Chilis.

Buying a tube of decent quality mascara would cost me about $13.

I probably use the phrase "fi mushkala hena" more than I say anything else, which means:
There is a problem here.

Christians often have the Eastern cro…