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A Ten Year Old's Integrity

Teachers learn too...and who is responsible? Our kids. Here's my example:

This last week, I had the honor of showing a dear friend of mine around Egypt. Waking up our first morning, I took her for the thirty minute stroll I walk each day to work. The point being to give her a glimpse of a day in my world here in Cairo. Walking through my classroom, she noticed a bulletin board posted with the names of every child in my class. Placed beside each of their names is a character trait...not a happy one.

Many mornings we spend time talking as a class. This is the time during the day they seem the most willing to listen and engage. Often our morning discussions turn to self reflection, forgiveness, pride, and grace. As a result, we end up talking a lot about the identification of our individual weaknesses. I don't believe fifth grade is too young to teach kids about their sin nature, the spiritual battle for their minds, and their need to be on guard. Spiritual development and self …

a battle already won

Sin. It creeps in for one purpose...Destruction. Disguising itself as a pleasurable pastime, it maneuvers like a snake slithering into your thoughts and penetrating your veins, til you can't distinguish truth in the midst of a cloudy, mental fog. On the brink of temptation, a plethora of lies seep into your head one after the other. As one is dismissed, another is right there, waiting to snatch your attention. You give in, exhausted at the internal battle playing as if in fast forward. Before you know it, you have trained yourself against immediate guilt...numb to shame...for it is still fresh...and the sinful high remains...hoping to linger. The downhill spiral has begun, yet you don't even realize it until you are flat on your face, not even sure which way is up.

It is my fault that I am here once again. This place, all too familiar...these feelings, as common as breathing, these thoughts, no longer shocking...this confusion, a regular reality. But I've done it again, I…