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Captions of Christy is going to change again as life is shifting...altering drastically. Although, I still am in shock of what I am about to share. It's still undeniably surreal. 

You may have noticed that I took a small hiatus from blogging. Well, there were a few factors involved in that decision, of which I am about to share with you.  I have been on a bit of a roller coaster in regards to a possible future employment opportunity. Well, after two months of emails, interviews, waiting, and more waiting, I found myself signing on the dotted line :). 

Yes, I officially accepted a new job. 

Of course it is the first of many steps of paperwork, but assuming all else proceeds as expected, I will be getting a on a plane very soon, and life will be taking another drastic turn.

I have agreed to work for an NGO in 
Kurdistan, Iraq. My position will be Academic Coordinator: Women's Literacy.

After leaving Egypt, I had many questions and thoughts about my future. Certain I would not return to the Middle East unmarried, I was unsure what was to come. And although I still do not prefer this, I am even more uncomfortable turning down an opportunity like this one. My heart for this part of the world grew intensely after my return to the USA, especially through my current job which allows me to work with Saudis every day. I began praying about what all this could mean. Then I got news from this organization that they wanted me to interview for this position. After initially saying NO, I questioned my motives. I questioned God's role, my desires, and my family's feelings. After my first interview, I realized how much I actually wanted this job...and although my situation in Iraq will differ severely in regards to my life in Egypt, I am willing to go. 

The timing is hard. I have become very comfortable with being daily life with my family, enjoying my job, exploring personal options, etc...but all that is to say I believe without any doubt I am to put those things aside, and go.

Kurdistan is not like the rest of Iraq. Kurds are not Arabs, and Arabic is their second language with Kurdish being their first. Kurdistan was broken into four sections and currently exists in four countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. They do not have their own country, but the Iraqi Kurds do have their own borders and government. It is very different in their view of Americans from that of Baghdad. If you are curious as to more information, please see the link attached by clicking here.

My date of departure from the USA will be in January, following an intense pre-field training the week prior. I look forward to keeping you posted and being prayed for...this is a lot...and although I am thrilled, I am also working through many emotions and feelings about all this.


  1. Wow, Christy. How amazing and yet how terrifying! We will most definitely be praying for you as you prepare to head over there and of course while you are there. God has amazing plans for you! You are such a brave woman with a heart to serve. We (the whole family) will sorely miss you.

    Praying for you,
    Jessica (and Zack)

  2. Excited, hopeful for you Christy Mae.

    Thinking about
    And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.

    Your life is beautiful. Jesus is glorified.

  3. God be with you and bless your ministry. Our prayers go before you. Jim and Polly.


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